Dr. N. Sai Bhaskar Reddy (saibhaskar) wrote,
Dr. N. Sai Bhaskar Reddy

Center for excellence on farming practices and technologies

The ideas on the development of a center of excellence on farming practices and technologies.

  • A center for networking farmers and all stakeholders interested in farming.

  • To create large scale awareness, sensitisation, training, hands-on experience for younger generations,

  • A sustainable farm should generate income to sustain the system.

  • All types of farming practices demonstration - multi-cropping, rainfed agriculture, micro irrigation, bio-intensive cultivation, poly houses, shade nets, silvipasture, agroforestry, vertical gardens, kitchen gardens, mixed agriculture with animals and poultry, bee keeping, permaculture, natural farming, etc.

  • Automatic weather station and mini meteorological station.

  • Use of drones for management of the fields

  • Use of balloon kites for management of the fields and monitoring

  • Monitoring of the water use - meters and sensors

  • Sensors for soil moisture monitoring and irrigation management.

  • Use of computers and applications for management of the farm.

  • Sacred grove declaration for soil microbes, mother tree, conservation of local biodiversity, habitat for birds, small animals and reptiles which also protect the farm, a place for geo spirit meets and meditation.

Tags: center, demonstration, farmers, farming practices, technology

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