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Open Knowledge - Sharing is Freedom

Knowledge is eternal; it is like the water that flows. It should not be stopped by the interest of few. For every new creation, innovation, design, etc., One is also accountable for that thought and knowledge to all those who have contributed, both living and non-living things in the universe.

The whole world is expanding at a rapid phase in all aspects of Knowledge and technologies, the requirements of better and efficient technologies are also growing. The natural creations are the ultimate sources of sustenance of life on earth. The ecology is unable to sustain the needs of the human beings and human beings are not cleaver enough to copy and replicate nature in spite of so much science and technological progress. The very few technological innovations created by humans are also not accessible to all because of the following two main reasons.

• Self interest – social, economy, etc.
• Investment made for creation of the innovation

What if while looking at the apple falling from the tree, Newton picked up the apple and ate it. The whole world would have been different. Probably someday some one would have discovered the same in a different situation. Many discoveries and inventions do exist on earth but, everyone is not cleaver to have been able to patent. Geographically only the American and European continents had these patenting systems since 1850’s. The holding of the knowledge by few is a hurdle for those who could have been the source of similar innovations. The knowledge in the hands of a sharing person is better than in the hands of selfish person. It is bad to hold knowledge and not be able to share in the public domain when it is pertinent to the whole world. If the knowledge is held as patent, there are three options 1. Use of knowledge by the creator 2. Share the knowledge with others 3. Sleep over the knowledge thinking that some day, I will use it. Majority of the times point 3 is in practice, for which there is no action of any kind against the person who is doing that.

We are accountable to our future generations first, because they would pay our current expenses and we are only paying the meager bills of our forefathers. Because this is a credit world and we enjoy “present future” costing our future generations.

The world wide web and internet are the greatest communication tools of this century. In the history of mankind, the creation of digital world is unique and it would continue. The physical libraries are becoming redundant. The access to knowledge is not limited, it is simply see, copy, create and understand. The copyrights and patents are at stake. Is there any method to prevent this? No it is not possible; nobody can fight battles in so many countries. It is better to declare an innovation as Open Knowledge.

Patents and copyrights are ruling human decisions and development. Regime of patents leads to creation of wealth for some. No knowledge has been created without following the principles of science existing even before humans were born on this earth. Appreciation for once knowledge and contribution to the pool of discoveries and innovations is required.

Open Knowledge is ultimate because it is declaring beyond source, which is freedom for all. Open source technology / Creative commons / Open source hardware and design are also gives freedom. Let us expand beyond boundaries by sharing. Sharing gives freedom to oneself and to the whole world, i.e., Freedom of oneness, belief, expression, security etc. It gives immense satisfaction when we share, while we are alive, less meaningful after death.
Open Knowledge is all about solidarity and concern for this earth. Everyone loves freedom of thought and act, Open Knowledge is the source. Let us declare things relevant to many and poor people and environment.
This spirit of Open Knowledge has helped GEO reach about 1000 people every day, through websites created for access of Knowledge on aspects GEO is working, i.e., ENVIRONMENTAL, CLIMATE CHANGE, NATURAL AND HUMAN RESOURCES - AGRICULTURE, TERRA PRETA, WATER, ENERGY, SUSTAINABLE LIVELIHOODS, DISASTER MITIGATION AND RESPONSE, and INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY.

Some points for thought
  • We download more information and upload very less information into the public domain
  • What one would do with all the data collected in their hard disks, information and knowledge created by themselves after death - hope the hard disks are embedded in our burial grounds, so that some day some one would access it through a flash drive
  • When the whole world is burning (global warming) and human population reaching its maximum at the cost of environment and ecology, there is no way to hold knowledge relevant to make this earth a better place for one and all.
  • There are many issues relevant to more than million people living on earth, at least all the knowledge relevant to these millions should be declared as open knowledge. The governments and organisations should compensate the respective source people.
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